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Ilia's First Earthquake
October 17, 1999

Ilia's Journal

         Journal #4

October 22, 1999
North Hills, California

Hello Krew,

Everybody is asking me, so I wanna say that I’m gonna turn pro because I committed to World Pros in December. Till that time I’m not pro, but as soon as I’m doing this, I’m considered pro.

The reason why is because I kind of was stuck with the competitions, there was no competitions for me. I didn’t want to compete amateurs anymore, and they said there’s a new rule that everybody that wants to compete in pro-ams has got to compete in two Grand Prix events, and in this case you got to practice as amateur. And you know, it’s just not what I want for this period of time in my life. I don’t have any competitions but I need some, and that’s why I think it’s a good way for me right now to turn pro.

I want to talk about the movie… the movie was great. It was great experience and it was almost that I expected a little bit more with the dancing, but it was a little bit more of waiting around, you know… it was three months of just being there because actual taping didn’t take much time. I enjoyed all the action and everybody was so patient with us because in the movie there were so many new people… mostly dancers, and me. The director was very good with new people, Nick Hytner, he’s highly professional and he was really good. I mean he always explains everything, what to do and how to do it and on the end he was happy with all the work we’ve done. It was great to work with him. And it was great to work with other people just to be connected and just to do these scenes… to feel right about the things that I’ve done. It wasn’t my profession before, but at some points I really felt that this is exactly what it’s got to be. At this point.

But I don’t wanna give previews for the movie because it just making me crazy watching these previews and then you watching the movie and you see they giving all the best stuff and it’s just… it’s just boring. So I’m not a big fan of previews. We can talk about that afterwards… if there is something to talk about! They said it’s spring when the movie comes out… April, but I’m not sure. They are always changing everything.

We just finished the first SOI practice, and it was a start. It’s really great to see how the show was coming together, because you know two weeks was nothing, and right now it’s something and we have some numbers set. It’s still a long way forward and everybody working on that, so it’s coming together… My goal for this year is to stay healthy! Stay healthy and just to make the tour better than the last one. Because last one was really great and was a big success and I was enjoying it, so it’s really hard to do something better, but we’ll try to do something better than that!

Miss you too !!!

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October 22, 1999
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