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Ilia's First Earthquake
October 17, 1999

Ilia's Journal


Journal #1

July 8, 1998
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Krew Krew!

I’m so excited to have this website and fan club! I found out through the website "The Romeo of Figure Skating" about the Krew. I left a note on the guest book and that was that.

The first meeting? It was on my birthday. I felt so happy! I never got in
my life such a big birthday, so many people congratulating me and happy for me because it was my birthday. On that day I had two shows -- I end up just sleeping. The next day was day off and we went to a Russian restaurant in Miami where we sang Russian songs!

You know, I was so happy with the Krew, especially with the chain that holds things... a key holder. I love it! I don’t know why. I put it outside on my
computer bag. And even some of the skaters, some of them have computers now also. They were so jealous! It’s because of the fan club. Alexei Yagudin and Anton Sikharulidze have computers now, Oleg Ovsiannikov is going to buy one -- so everyone’s starting something like that.

I would like to get a digital camera and from month to month give the website pictures of where I am. Maybe you can know some good kinds to get? Competitions, with other receptions, practice with skaters. In Hawaii, a camera to go surfing and bungy jumping maybe!

In Los Angeles, I am dying to meet Krew! I will be nervous, but I am excited
also. I don’t know what to expect. Out of the rink -- well, it is a
different person sometimes when you are the off the rink. I’m a bit nervous
about that.

Okay, I will talk to you next time!

Faithfully yours,

  Ilia's Journals



...periodic thoughts from Ilia himself
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June 2nd 2000
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October 22, 1999
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May 22, 1999
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October 26, 1998
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July 8, 1998
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