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Ilia's First Earthquake
October 17, 1999

Ilia's Journal


Journal #2

October 26, 1998
Simi Valley, California

To dear Krew:

Many of you asked me how come I decided to do Stars On Ice at this time. Because you know, I am willing to try skating to different things! In the Tom Collins tour I was just doing my one program, over and over. In Stars On Ice, there are so many entertainers -- different styles, different ways to express yourself. Even the rehearsal process I was happy! It was three times a day but I love it! Especially the group stuff, this is new for me. I used to be all alone on the ice. This is something different, different feeling... and I am enjoying it. I love all the people: I love Scott, I love Kristi, I love Katia, I love Gorsha and Tara... they are all good friends of mine and I am happy to skate with them. There are a lot of group numbers, and that is different for me. Even when I am finish rehearsing I will stay after one hour just to watch them rehearse. It was so great!

My competitive season -- I am satisfied with my skating. There was not a lot of time to prepare this time, even to break in my new boots. That was unplanned. Last summer I had the whole time to practice -- but I am satisfied. The judging -- I am not so satisfied with that, it's not fair. That's all I say, there's nothing I can do. I will keep skating for my great fans!

As you know, I have also been busy moving to Los Angeles. I love L.A.! It is my favorite place. I love the ocean, the weather, the lifestyle... I love there are different sports you can do outside! And my family, they love it here also. If you coming to L.A., you can come to Iceoplex in North Hills to my practices anytime! Unless it's special practice and I need it to be closed, my fans are always welcome. Ask Iceoplex and they can tell you if I have a practice.

For the holidays, I hope I can go skiing -- down the mountain, not cross-country. There are many sports I would like to do that I did not do before the Olympics. Maybe you'll notice a little "something" on my chin -- I got that from rollerblading! I enjoy some pickup hockey games at the rink too.

I am thinking of some more kinds of contests for the Krew, but I will tell you when I think them all through. I am looking forward to meeting Sarah, Azu and Sherrie on this tour -- the winners of last contest. And I will see you all backstage at the different stops on the tour soon!

Your doll forever,

Iliushka J

  Ilia's Journals



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