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Ilia's First Earthquake
October 17, 1999

Ilia's Journal


Journal  #3

May 22, 1999
Los Angeles, California

Dear Krew,

First of all, I’m really happy I’m done with the tour, it was really long and it was hard work. Six numbers every show and you know you have to do it in full every time, so it’s not like the Tom Collins tour where you have one number and you just okay, get yourself together and do it. It’s like really work, and I was sick so many times and I have different injuries and so it was a lot of work and hard times. So first of all I was happy that I finished and I finally got home, you know? But so you know what, to look at this in general, I enjoyed the tour so much and every one of my routines I enjoyed so much. And the good thing that every routine is different and I could show also different personalities and express myself in a different ways and it was so great and I love so much our quartet number. The tour was great, you know. Everybody is so friendly and everybody helping each other and we had a really good time together so I’m looking forward to go back on the tour but I need a little break! The tour next year, that’s most likely, that’s almost for sure if nothing happens, you know? Earthquake in LA is pretty often so you never… it’s not so sure!

It’s fantastic, you know, that‘s the most enjoyable feeling, that’s great to be home! I’m still decorating the house and it’s coming together and I’m watching my pool being built, it’s going to be ready soon… that’s great to be home in one place and not to go anywhere, you know? I’m sick a little bit of the hotels, and the restaurant food.

Vacations, skydiving, horseback riding, acting classes, TV appearances -- everything is in the schedule. I did Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I went to Hawaii for eight days, and it was great, went to Maui, so this is out from my list… I will go down my list! Everything else is planned and I’m just doing everything that I possibly can.

I’m so happy, you know, just seeing everybody because the tour really gives me an opportunity to see people all around America. And it’s really great to meet in person because I get so emails from people and you never know who’s writing you, and then when I get backstage and you meet the person and, "Oh, here you are. That’s how you look like!" You know, that’s fun too and people have a chance to meet me too. They’re cheering really good on the show and you know it gives you a lift because the tour is long and tiring and your going and doing all over again and all over again and if don’t hear any response, it doesn’t motivate and you’re just going down… When you guys at Rockefeller Center, that was so fantastic -- so that’s great, when you have really good fans all over the cities.

I can say that I’ll try to open all emails if you guys sending me something I’ll try to do my best so don’t hesitate. You know, I didn’t check my emails for a really long time too, there was a lot, that’s why I probably deleted some of them. If I occasionally delete, it’s nothing personal. Actually, it’s giving me a lift reading your emails, because sometimes you a little down and tired. And once I read some emails it just gives me a lift and makes me go on and go back on the ice and do something wonderful if I can – or at least trying to do something wonderful! But if emails are not that wonderful, you can imagine what I’m doing on the ice after that – so you guys think twice before sending me emails, especially criticizing or something!

That’s it for now. Some more exciting news coming. Stay tuned!

Your "unpredictable one,"

Iliushka J

  Ilia's Journals



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May 22, 1999
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