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Ilia's Journals (double-click to select)

#1  Our Beginning Together
#2  Ilia Joins "Stars on Ice"
#3  Making a Home in Los Angeles
#4  Turning Pro & Making a Movie
#5  "Center Stage" Journal
#6  Ilia's creative process; the experience
     of preparing and performing in the
     Salt Lake Opening Ceremonies



Summer 2000
Double Issue Newsletter

Including articles on:

"Center Stage" Opening
Ilia's "Center Stage" Journal (with pics)
Ask Ilia




Spring 2001 Newsletter

Including articles on:
2000 World Pros Competition
Coverage of SOI Lake Placid:
     - Blues for Narada
     - Drive/Driven


Fall 2001 Newsletter

Including articles on:

Annual 2001 Luncheon,
Miracle Match Tour,
How Fans Found Ilia and the Krew



Spring 2002 Newsletter

Including articles on:

Hallmark Pro Win
2002 Stars on Ice Programs:
     - Pick Up the Pieces
     - Rubberbandman
     - Rendezvous
2002 Olympic Closing Ceremonies



Fall 2002 Newsletter

Including articles on:

Ilia in Nottingham with the Queen
Ilia in New York with the Krew
Ilia at Madison Square Garden with SOI



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