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  Prince Ice World
  Special Ilia Video

   Presented during PIW 2004
   performances in  Nagoya,
   Nagano, Kita-Kyushu and Kyoto

Reproduction of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Prince Ice World

Photos of PIW video by Junko Suwa presented under special arrangement with Prince Ice World; please do not copy.
Narrative by Junko Suwa.


Prince Ice World produced short videos which were shown to introduce guest skaters before each performance.
The still photographs below are from those videos; please honor the copyright restrictions on both photos and narrative.
We thank Junko Suwa and Prince Ice World for giving us all the opportunity to share these special videos.


     Before “A House Is Not A Home," they showed a
     video clip of  Ilia’s visit to Nagano shot during last year's tour.

     First, Ilia accompanied by PIW cast member Takaya
     Usuda (who speaks fluent English and takes care of Ilia while
     he tours with PIW) , went to the Olympic athletes' village.   






     Ilia showed Takaya the condominium where the Russian team
     stayed during Olympics.









     Ilia enjoyed a lunch of Japanese “Soba” noodle and said “Oishii”
     (Delicious) with a thumbs-up gesture.




















     They then visited the White Ring arena - the Nagano Olympics
     figure skating venue.










     The White Rink remains unchanged except for the ice surface – it
     was remodeled into a gymnasium after the Olympics.










     Ilia talked about his memory of his Olympic victory, “The greatest
     moment was when I finished my free program …the last pose.
     That’s when I realized that I’ve done the best I could have imagined,
     the best I ever skated. It happened in the end… That was the most
     amazing moment.”



















     PIW introduced Ilia for his first program.









     Before his “Green Tomatoes” program of the 2nd act, they showed
     another video clip of short interview, in which Ilia talked about
     his insight about skating. He appeared this time in a gray T-shirt with
     orange trim around the neckline and lower sleeves.










     His “Seisouso” performance from the last year’s PIW was shown  
     behind him. He said “Skating, I think… it’s the way to express
     myself. It’s the way to develop my body and my mind, and it’s the
     way to find the balance in my life. I love and enjoy every moment of









      Then they introduced Ilia again.

















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