Joining Kulik's Krew - Benefits and Membership Form


Your 2009-10 (Sept 1- August 31) Membership Packet will include:

 Membership Benefits:

  • Event Benefit--Krew members can pre-register for Krew events (both Ilia-attended and not) and are guaranteed invitations to all Krew events, wherever they are held, including all events involving Ilia.  The event highlight of the year is usually the annual lunch, brunch or breakfast with Ilia!  This special event is open to all members and is open only to members. The plans for the 2009-10 season are not yet scheduled yet. We never guarantee a lunch/event with Ilia but he hasn't missed a year since 1998! However, we don't want anyone to join for that reason and then be disappointed. 

  • Preferred Tickets Benefit -- for selected Ilia performances we secure group tickets for Krew members who wish to attend. For some events we also receive, as a group, discounts on hotel rooms from the event producers. Any benefits (hotel discounts, tickets, special attendance at dress rehearsals) that are arranged are available to all Krew members who wish to attend.

  • Special One-of-a-Kind Benefits -- we make every effort to provide event-specific benefits to our members. For instance, we arranged for Krew members to purchase the Queen's Gala Souvenir Programmes from the Nottingham Ice Centre.  We arranged for purchase, payment and shipping for our Krew members.

  • Voting Benefit-- Kulik's Krew is a not-for-profit organization, managed by a Board of Trustees elected by the membership. Only members-with dues paid by the start of the election-- will be allowed to vote  in the elections for the Board of Trustees. Only members can serve on committees which are open to all members. Only members can run for election to the Board of Trustees.

  • On-line Benefit--Members Only section on the Krew site—includes all newsletters - current newsletters are free to all members on line, and the current journal entry from Ilia before it is released to the public.

  • Off-line Benefit--only members can get a hard copy of the newsletter at an additional cost that covers the printing and mailing.

  • Merchandise Benefit --Members also will be charged less for Krew merchandise (Krew tees and fleeces are special favorites) including our annual Ilia calendar.

Membership Cost:

Our membership fees have not changed in many years and we are making every effort to keep it that way.  We never charge additional
entrance fees for Krew events or meetings including those where llia is present. Of course we each pay our own way in terms of tickets, meals (at Krew events or otherwise), travel, etc. We make every effort to get and offer Krew members discount rates at hotels and any other savings we can achieve.  All benefits and savings are available to every member. It's always "all for one and one for all."

  • US membership with online newsletter   $12 US

  • US membership with mailed hardcopy newsletters  $22 US

  • Out-of-US membership with online newsletter   $17 US

  • Out-of-US membership with mailed hardcopy newsletters  $27 US

    All memberships include a mailed membership packet which includes the signed photo of llia



Joining is a two-step process

Step 1. Click on "09 Membership" below, fill out form and hit "Submit" at the end.
Every item with *
indicates a required field so please fill these out. Step 2 (below) is Payment and is a separate step in the process.  

 09-10 Membership Form, please click

         Step 2. Choose and Complete Your Payment

 For Paypal and Paypal Credit Card Payments, use Paypal link that follows:

 or to pay by check:

For Personal Checks (US only):
Make personal checks payable to "Kulik's Krew"
Mail to:
Rita Meyers
21230 SE 268th Place
Maple Valley, WA  98038

For Postal Money Orders (Out of US only):
Make money orders payable to "Rita Meyers, Treasurer"
Mail to:
Rita Meyers
21230 SE 268th Place
Maple Valley, WA  98038

Thank you for your order and your payment. We will email you when your payment arrives and your membership is complete.

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