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Webmaster - Mayi Husosky

Assistant Webmaster -Valerie Milon

Consultant - Daphne Kitchin

Newsletter Editor & Assistant Copy Editor - Emma Abraham

Copy Editor & Contributing reporter - Robyn Lee

HTML Team- Isa Vimont, Ken Gillett and Trisha Watts

Research & Information- Hazel Oza, Tracy Shao, Jill Bruins, Marjaana Jylha, and Maria Fonseca

Contributing Writer - Miriam Ellis (detailed program descriptions appearing on the program pages).

Japanese Translation Webmaster- Kuniko Endo(azu)

Translation Team - Junko Suwa(sasha), Ayumi Nagatsuka, 

Russian Translation Webmaster - Liuba B. Zaprudskaia

Special Thanks To

* Daphne Kitchin for setting up and launching the website and her continued dedication to this project.

Eda Tseinyev, for giving permission to use the information from her Ilia Fan Page, on the following Kulik's Krew Online pages:  Our Iliushka,  and competition history. 

* Ilia Kulik for providing information for this site; and to Madley Katarungan and the original Krewsite list for their ideas and efforts.

*  Yuko Kojima, Asako Kondo, for setting up and launching the Japanese translation website. And Shiho, Hiroko, Azusa, Yoshimi and Noriko for translating work.

Photography -