2002 Krew Konvention  April 12-14             

The fourth annual Krew Konvention; some things are planned, some are wonderfully spontaneous. It's 3 days (for a few lucky people, four days) of running, seeing, doing, very little sleep and a awful lot of fun.   We celebrated Ilia's enormous talent, his humor and warmth, his kindness to his fans, the spirit of our group, our new friendships, our old friendships and probably most of all, our blessings in being together, safe in New York City.   We are fortunate indeed.

     Thanks to all our members who shared their snapshots - Maria, Andrea, Kara, Annie, Rita, Dana, Mayi, Carol Norma, Ann, Azu and Laurie. And special thanks to Maria for collecting and preparing all of the photos for this group diary; to Laurie also for discussion transcription. Working with everyone's photos (please note that they are not thumbnails unless noted) and thoughts was a pleasure, and a nice trip back to a lovely time.  Whether you were there in fact or just in spirit, this is an album for all of us and by all of us because every member, near and far, is part of what makes us, us.


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